20 Suspects Picked Up At KNUST Campus

the KNUST Alumni Association is calling for cool heads to prevail. The old students union of the KNUST in a strongly worded statement yesterday evening, condemned the “wanton destruction of property”.

The statement signed by its Global President Eunice Akosua Ofosua Amoako read;….“We therefore urge and appeal to all stakeholders, especially the leadership of the student body – SRC & GRASAG in particular, to employ all peaceful strategies to calm down the general students body and all others to stop further hostilities that are likely to lead to serious insecurities to human lives and further destruction of properties on Campus!”

The National Youth Authority (NYA), has also issued a statement condemning the incident.

The statement signed by its Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Sin-yet Asigri, described the action by the university’s authorities as an affront to the country’s constitutional order.

It said “In recent times KNUST under the leadership of the current Vice Chancellor has been in the news for various negative reasons. As the government agency responsible for youth development in this country we find the crude means adopted by leadership of the University in resolving student agitations such as the use of sheer force and acts of brutality reminiscent of the era of military rule.

“This is criminal in nature and an affront to Ghana’s democracy. We are not in a banana republic to allow the university security to take the law into their own hands and treat students as if they are second class animals.”

“While the Youth Authority condemns the acts of brutality being visited on students by the university security, we call on the students to exercise restraint in their reactions to the barbaric attacks” it concluded.