The Second Bidders Conference is being held to give the Shortlisted Applicants an opportunity to ask and receive responses to questions from Government of Ghana (GoG) parties on the draft Request for Proposal (RfP) document.

The Applicants have, among others, sought clarifications on the terms and conditions of the Concession Transaction and would at their respective meetings with government during the conference, also have the opportunity to suggest ways in which the RfP documents can be made clearer on a number of key decisions including regulatory decisions to be made.

This was contained in a news release by the Millennium Development Authority, MiDA which said the exercise will end this Friday October 6, 2017.

The Chief Executive of the Millennium Development Authority, Ing. Owura Sarfo said: “this is a very significant milestone in the process. The goal has remained the same, to procure a concessionaire who would not only inject the required financial investments ECG needs, but also introduce modern technology and efficiency strategies that would turnaround the operational and financial fortunes of ECG.”

Each Applicant has been holding discussions with the GoG team made up of officials from the Ministries of Finance, Energy, Justice and Attorney General’s Department, Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), Energy Commission (EC), ECG, and MiDA.

According to Ing Sarfo “the meetings have been planned to ensure that all clarifications and questions from each Applicant is adequately addressed and everyone is on the same footing as we proceed to the remaining stages of the procurement process”.

It noted that delegates  for Manila Electric Company (Philippines), CH Group (Ghana)/ EDF SA/LMI Holdings/Veolia SA, BXC Company Ghana Ltd/ Xiaocheng Technology Stock Company Limited (China)/Shaanxi Regional Electric Power Group Company Limited (China), and The Tata Power Company Limited (India)/CDC Group Plc (UK) have been in the country since Saturday.



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