A/R: Anger After 25-Yr-Old Killed In Fatal Police Shooting

The family and colleagues of a 25-year-old man who was gruesomely murdered by a police officer are calling for a full scale investigation into the matter.

25-year-old Derrick Frimpong was allegedly shot and killed at close range by a police officer believed to be part of a security detail of a fetish priest at Kenyasi-Bosore in the Kwabre East District of the Ashanti region.

The grief-stricken family wants the Ashanti regional police command to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of their son.

Mother of the deceased, Aunty Alice, a trader looked saddened, distraught and heartbroken as she draped her black and white funeral cloth when XYZ News visited the bereaved relatives.

“You could see other colleagues and neighbours who had come to counsel and sympathise with the family”, reported our correspondent.

Reports suggest that the deceased, Derrick Osei Frimpong, had a confrontation with one of the young boys in the area over a mobile phone.

A police officer, who is said to be a body guard to a fetish priest at Kenyase Bosore, Nana Boateng, to also called Nana Dumgya came in as a mediator.

A misunderstanding however broke out between the police officer and the deceased. In the ensuing confusion gun shots were fired, described as warning shots.

Osei Frimpong, tried as he did, could not escape the police man’s bullets.

The police officer allegedly shot him at close range killing him almost immediately.

This was on Sunday 4th March, 2018.

“After the incident happened, we went to the Central Police station on Monday, we met the investigator in charge of the case. He asked us what information we had about the issue. I said he is my grandson who was shot and killed by a police officer. He then asked if I knew his nick name, and I said he is called Junior. Then he replied that his nick name is Thunder and he was shot by the police officer because he wanted to hit the officer with a stone while they were both struggling for the bag which the officer suspected contained some substances in it”, grandfather of the deceased, Osei Agyeman told XYZ News.

The family maintained that the deceased was not a criminal and did not deserve death in that manner.

According to the family, the deceased had returned from Dubai and was in the process of securing a Driver’s License to return.

XYZ News understands that the police have gone ahead to pick up 13 other youth in the area who are close associates of the deceased.

The police in the district
had confirmed the incident but said the  matter has been referred to the regional headquarters.


Source:Ghana/myxyzonline.com/93.1MHz/ Jonathan Ofori