Actor Henry Adofo: I Treat Film Script Like Chemistry Exams

Ghanaian fast speaking actor Henry Adofo made some shocking revelations to kwesi omega the Host of the Hotspot, on Radio XYZ.

Responding to a question on the topic “student’s lecturer relationships: the causes, effects and the way forward.

Henry affirm to the topic and says he has being teaching all his life because he loves to impact and then went on to narrate, how he fled from a town in Italy and came back after summer when he was asked to teach a lady who he was uncomfortable with due to the way the lady in question carries herself around him.

“He said I asked her to do few stuff and that I will see her later and that was the end, I left the town and came back after summer”.

Henry is indeed a man of principle and integrity.

Henry who studied pharmacy at the University of Millan in Italy said, it took him a lot of years to say he is an actor, he also added, film doesn’t really pay here because “we have not as a people taken the time to really know who we are and the kind of stories that will sell to the outside world – we are big but we are just not telling our stories well”.

He ended by saying “I am in it because I know I can impact”.

Henry says he loves to play deep roles and revealed that one unique thing about him that sets him apart is his seriousness and since he is coming from a science background he approaches the script like it’s a chemistry exams.

Henry couldn’t hide his love for the controversial Dance hall artiste, Shatta Wale, as he danced to his music- Take over.

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