Akufo-Addo’s Incompetence Sinking Economy – MP

The Member of Parliament for Adaklu, Governs Kwami Agbodza has jabbed the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for sinking the economy with incompetence.

Mr Agbodza, the Ranking member on the Roads and Transport Committee in Parliament, in an interview on the Morning Xpress on Monday morning argued that since the exit of the erstwhile Mahama administration, Ghana’s economy has suffered setbacks yet government officials keep decorating it with propaganda.

The President in his second State of the Nation Address (SoNA), last Thursday, said the country had made giant strides in the maintenance of the bad economy which was  “choked by debt”  with macroeconomic indicators which was in “disarray”, when his government assumed office.

“. . .For the first time in a long while, our macroeconomic fundamentals are solid, and all the critical indices are pointing in the right direction. . . The world is taking notice of Ghana’s economic strides. Earlier, in January, the World Bank stated that Ghana’s economy would probably grow by 8.3% this year, which would make it the fastest growing economy in the world,” the president added.

Mr Agbodza, however, believes Mr Akufo-Addo is not telling Ghanaians the truth because the government finds it tough to pay salaries of legislators.

“For the first time of going to Parliament, I got my January salary on 6th February. It’s not happened before.” he disclosed, saying the government had been caught up with reality following their gross display of “incompetence”.

As a Ranking Member on the Roads and Transport Committee, he bemoaned how the government woefully failed to initiate road infrastructure projects in 2017 when a budget allocation of 800 million Cedis was pushed to the sector.

He also noted that during the review of the 2018 budget, Some ministries got 11% of their budget allocation, arguing that it means the economy is not in good shape.

“To worsen the case,” Mr Agbodza said government “shamelessly” cut the budget allocation to the Roads and Highways Ministry.

“It has been reduced by a whopping 200 million cedis,” he uttered and observed the government had lost grips of the economy of the country that has not failed in accruing revenue.

“In 2017 you were given 800 million cedis and you didn’t build even a footpath. Does that tell you the economy is in shape? ” he quizzed.

The economy, the MP said, was “not in trouble because we can’t raise revenue but it is in trouble because of the incompetence or cluelessness of this government. . . It is broke on the back of the incompetence and lack of foresight of the current government.”

To him, government hurriedly restored teachers and nurses trainee allowance to the detriment of the health sector which is struggling to defray National Health Insurance Scheme debts and employ qualified doctors to save lives.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com