Anger Soars As KNUST Security Assault Students

Scores of angry parents on Saturday morning gathered outside the KNUST Police Station, demanding the release of their wards who have been detained in police custody.

The students, according to the parents were arrested Friday night by the internal security of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and handed over to the police for holding a vigil in the school.

One out of the twelve who were arrested, is suffering from life-threatening conditions after he was reportedly manhandled by the campus officials. He is receiving treatment at the KNUST Hospital.

Eleven students including an alumnus of the Katanga hall are behind cells as police begin their investigations.

But some parents who spoke to Crimecheckgh News have accused authorities of the institution of intimidating and victimizing students who reside at the Unity and University halls since both halls were converted to mixed ones.

An angry parent said: “I saw some of the students and you could see visible marks. I spoke with the Commander that this is what I had seen and I do not think it is good. There is a boy who is currently on admission but for his injuries, he would have been in custody by now. They arrested and beat him”.

“This is ridiculous, Obiri Danso, the Vice Chancellor must be sacked, why should these boys be detained, what crime have they committed?”, said a charged Alumnus who had visited the police station.

Meanwhile officials of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the police were not immediately available for comments over the development.

Suspension of “Morales”

The school had earlier served notice that it had suspended the organisation of vigils, also known as “morales in the school as a result of “several negative issues encountered recently with respect to morales in the hall.”

“Any person who flouts this directive shall receive the necessary sanctions and response,” the notice added.


Source:Ghana/ Jonathan Ofori