Business Development Ministry Hosts Ghana-Sudan Business Expo

As part of developing and expanding the bilateral relations between Ghana and Sudan, the embassy of Sudan in collaboration with the Ministry of Business Development are hosting captains of industry and representatives of higher educational institutions to a three day Expo in Accra.

The event which focuses on Business, Culture and Higher Education is on the theme: “Towards Sudan-Ghana Meaningful Partnership: Investing in the future.”

While, the two countries have enjoyed good relations politically and diplomatically, trade volumes are almost non-existent.

This however, is in sharp contrast to trade exchanges between the countries and their European counterparts.

The Expo therefore creates a platform for the business communities from both countries to interact and explore areas of possible cooperation.

Speaking to Business News on the sidelines of the launch of the Expo, the Minister for Business Development Ibrahim Mohammed Awal said African countries must learn from each other to foster Trade integration.