Analysis Of Ghana’s Agric Sector Reveals Perennial Lack Of Access To Credit Facilities

An Agricultural Expert, Richard Nunekpeku says one of the major challenges in the sector is inability of farmers to formally position themselves to attract loans and investment facilities from financial institutions.

He said many of these farmers also do not have the technical know-how in developing documentation, records and systematic plans to move their farms from subsistent to large scale commercial levels.

He was speaking on Accra based Radio GBC’s Current Affairs Programme, “Talking Point.”

Mr. Nunekpeku also touched on the issue of capacity of Agric graduates, saying their theoretical knowledge from school does not help them in their work on the field.

He said many of these graduates lack the practical know-how to deliver in the agric sector.

In reaction to his assertion, President of the Ghana Agric Chamber of Commerce, Philip Abayori said it is the responsibility of large scale farmers to train and build the practical capacity of graduates they engage.