Get a Good Bargain- Consultant Advises UT and Capital Bank Workers

A labour consultant, Austin Gamey, has advised the over 1000 workers of UT and Capital banks to seek the services of a professional official liquidator to negotiate on their behalf.

Speaking on an Accra based tv station, he advised them not to go with the traditional way of negotiating as that will affect what is duly due them.

Mr Gamey urged the workers to also note that the company will have to pay all outstanding debts owed the government before they start to process their severance package

“They should engage the service of a lawyer to negotiate the condition under which they will part company. They should not go there with the traditional adversarial posture otherwise they will miss the boat. All statutory payments that these banks owe such as local government rates and taxes have to be deducted before workers will be paid. The workers should find someone who has the capacity to negotiate on their behalf. All deductions have to be made, before they share what is left.”