Invest In Targetted Policies To Grow Ghana- Gratis Foundation CEO


Chief Executive Officer of GRATIS Foundation, Mr Emmanuel Asiedu has asked government to focus on domestic 
direct  investment to propel its industrialization agenda.
Mr Asiedu believes over reliance on foreign investor end up with policies directed and make businesses profitable for them at the expense of the state.
He noted with concern, the fact that the country remains largely under development with huge unemployment figures because of the slow growth of the industrial sector.
The GRATIS Foundation CEO who was speaking on Radio XYZ’s Breakfast Show, Morning Xpress on Tuesday explained further that such imbalances leave Ghana at the beck and call of donor communities who end up siphoning Ghana’s rich resources.
“Less than 15 per cent revenue from the oil in the country comes to us. Last year, it was said that we have 238 million dollars from the oil, if we owned 100 per cent of the venue we would have been making 1.2 billion dollars. We have enough to be able to invest in our own country and Ghanaians should invest in the country”, he stated.
Mr Asiedu told Host, Prince Minkah, that educational institutions need to review their curricula to produce graduates with the capacity to create what he called ‘technologies for industrialization’.
He buttressed his argument with his personal experience while he was studying Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering in Germany.  
 “I did engineering in school but didn’t know the difference in valves. In Germany, the masters programme was more practical. My project work was to fix a ten year old lift. I wasn’t asked to write chapters on a research work. My supervisor took the lift, checked my work and gave me 80 per cent demanding for the manual only.”
The CEO of GRATIS Foundation lamented that the lack of support for initiatives by the Vocational Training Institutions also impact negatively on how to drive such goals.
He noted that in 2016 for example, government in allocated only 18,000 Ghana cedis to the GRATIS Foundation with only.
He also noted that the psyche of the populace also play a greater role promoting industrialization. He therefore appealed to the public to patronize made-in Ghana goods.
 “Indians will never appreciate foreign goods than theirs. 90% of what is used in India is made in India whether it is not durable, expensive, or poorly packaged. We Ghanaians like to take foreign goods. He further stated.
A senior Lecturer at the Agric Department at the University of Ghana, Dr Mohammed-Aminu Sanda who was a panelist on the show, asked technocrats to provide expert advise to leaders regardless of their political predisposition. 
Making reference to developing countries, he said leaders should focus on improving the system and not excessive amassing of wealth.
“There is corruption everywhere, but at least the developing countries do much more expertise work and benefit in a small way. We Ghanaians extort and then make excuses why we couldn’t deliver”, he said.
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