Creating New Regions: Minority Demands Full Disclosure Of Justice Brobbey Report

The Minority in Parliament is demanding a full disclosure of the Justice Brobbey Report on the creation of new regions.

The Justice Brobbey Commission was constituted by government pursuant to Article 5 of the 1992 Constitution as a fact finding commission to look into matters regarding the creation of new regions and to make recommendations on all the factors involved. The commission, as part of its mandate met and gathered views from representatives from all the six regions which was compiled in a report submitted to government.

However, findings of the report are yet to be made public with many questioning the reason behind government’s actions particularly when the issue is in the interest of Ghanaians.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, November 7, Minority Leader, Haruna Idrissu disclosed that the Constitutional Instrument regarding a referendum that would eventually lead to the creation of new regions has been presented to Parliament. However, the house has not been apprised of findings of the report.

“….the Constitutional Instrument for the conduct of the referendum leading to the creation of the proposed regions has been laid before Parliament to mature in twenty-one sitting days. In short, Parliament is being asked to conduct a surgical operation in the dark, having no idea whatsoever whether the Constitutional Instrument conforms in material respect to the recommendations of the Justice Brobbey Commission report” he said.

Dan Botwe, Min. For Re-organisation

The Commission submitted its report to government some five months ago after conducting public hearings where representatives submitted their arguments “for” or “against” the creation of new regions.

However, the Minority Leader observed that, “It is in the interest of good governance, openess, truthfulness and transparency, that the report of the Commission of Inquiry is made public to enable the nation verify that the Constitutional Instrument before Parliament is truly reflective of the contents of the Commission’s Report. It is the right thing to do and we urge President Akuffo Addo to keep faith with his promise for tranparent and accountable governance….”

The Minority Leader contends that, the report if presented to Parliament will help shed light on critical issues as far as the creation of new regions is concerned. Issues such as the scope of the proposed referendum and the issues of who is entitled to vote at the referendum.


By: Charles Akrofi/Parliament House