Daddy Lumba Should Do Business With DL Jnr – Fredyma

Renowned Music producer, Fred Kyei Mensah (Fredyma) has advised popular Highlife musician, Charles Kwadwo Fosu (Daddy Lumba) to temper justice with mercy and work together with Kwame Anokye also known as Daddy Lumba Junior.

Fredyma was speaking on Power Entertainment on East Legon-based Power 97.9 FM Saturday evening, in relation to a law suit the veteran musician filed against Kwame Anokye to stop performing with his songs.

According to Daddy Lumba, Kwame Anokye, since 2010, has reportedly been imitating him for commercial purposes without his consent.

DL Junior had already told the host of the show, Agyemang Prempeh, in a telephone interview that following the law suit, he has no option than to stop performing Daddy Lumba’s songs. He however, noted he would rather prefer to be mentored by the veteran musician.

Anokye said he has performed publicly with Daddy Lumba a couple of times and has been close to him since 1997 so he was surprised when he was slapped with a law suit barring him from associating himself with Daddy Lumba.

“Daddy’s late mother Auntie Ama Saah knew me… I could even go to their house and spend the night there, when I was young,” Anokye told Agyemang Prempeh.

He said he has nothing bad against his mentor, Mr Fosu and would rather wish he picks him and train him as he once promised.

“I’m sad he has sent me to court. I never dreamt of facing Daddy in court. He actually told me I should be hardworking and he’ll help me so the whole world can see. I’m very sad, ” Anokye revealed.

Fred Kyei Mensah (Fredyma)

Shortly after the interview, Fred Kyei Mensah, a panel member on the show expressed worry over the matter and said he wished Daddy Lumba discontinued the case against his look-alike.

“He can do business with the young man. I respect Daddy Lumba in the sense that in Ghana, he’s one of the few musicians who has helped a number musicians, from Felix Owusu and Kwabena Sunkwa. I’m not happy about the court issue. . .I have helped many sound engineers. . .Lets help people while they are alive, ” he said.

Fredyma was of the view that if Daddy Lumba helps his look-alike it will be a plus to him.

In her submission, Sally Frimpong Manso, an entertainment critic, who was also on the show likened the issue to killing a fly with a sledge hammer.

Sally said once Daddy Lumba had performed with Anokye, it would have been better for him to rebuke him for any wrongdoing rather than “hauling the harmless young man to court.”

“This issue could have been settled at home. The guy said he was not warned until the court case. if you don’t warn someone, how would he know he is erring if? Even God gives us constant reminders.  Why do you sue someone so close to you? Someone your mother would send to go and buy your favorite food for you. Daddy should not do that. What would you get from this boy? He could have called him [Anokye] before elders and warn him. Even God forgives us. this boy is not arrogant. why is Daddy lumba doing that? I’m so sad,” Sally added.


Source: Ghana/Power FM/Henryson Okrah