Digital Address Code As Requirement For Ghana Card Registration Backwards Thinking

Prof. Ken Attefuah, NIA Boss

Demanding for a digital address as a requirement for acquiring a National Identification Authority (NIA) card will prevent millions of legitimate citizens from getting their national identity card, Samuel Kwadwo Danquah, a communicator for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has observed.

His comments come after a section of the public lamented over the demand for their digital address code before they are registered as Ghanaians.

On Wednesday, XYZ News reporter Wisdom Hededzome who visited some of the registration centres at Adenta reported that “people were turned away for not meeting the requirements.”

Since the NIA begun its mass registration and issuance of the national identification cards also known as Ghana Card on Monday November 5, 2018, there have been reports of growing agitation at some of the centres, including complainants of undue delay before receiving their new biometric national ID cards after going through the processes successfully.

The concerns come in the wake of a statement issued by Policy Think Tank, Centre for Socioeconomic Studies asking the NIA to suspend the exercise or review its position on registration requirements.

Corroborating the boycott of the registration process by the Minority in Parliament over the registration requirement, Kojo Danquah criticized authorities of the NIA for turning deaf ears to the “genuine concerns” of Ghanaians.

He questioned the rationale behind the actions of the registration officials, arguing that the Ghanapost GPS address should not be a mandatory requirement and that the voters ID should have been included.

“How many people in Ghana can generate the GPS code using smart phones?” he quizzed as he mentioned that some persons who have smart phones can generate fake addresses from “anywhere in Accra” and own them as their real addresses.

“There is a deliberate attempt by government to relegate some Ghanaians and make them noncitizens that’s the reason voters ID are not included in the requirements, yet the President was elected with the voters ID so tell me, what kind of thinking is this?”  he told Kwame Minkah, host of Ete Sen on radio XYZ.

He wishes the requirement for the registration be reviewed to ensure that all Ghanaians are included in the registration processes.

NIA’s Position

Meanwhile, Francis Palmdeti, the Director of Public Affairs at the NIA who spoke on Ete Sen earlier today stated the laws required that the Ghana Post GPS address be part of the requirements for registration.

“We cannot go contrary to the laws of the country. We have to register people in accordance with the law, at this implementation stage. The people should understand and do as we have asked them,” he added.

He further urged Ghanaians to get their Tax Identification Number (TIN) as well as other requirements to make the registration process a smooth one.


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