Don’t be lazy, pursue something in 2019 – Rev. Edmund Odoom tells Ghanaians

On the eve of every new year where some prophets keep scaring their congregation with hefty, scarier prophecies, the head pastor of the House of Praise temple of The Apostles’ Continuation Church International (ACCI) was rather blunt on what will make a difference in the lives of Christians in the newyear.

“In 2019, pursue something. Do something different. Don’t be there, idle and say God will bless you so you won’t start something on your own. Just start something new, and God will order your steps and make it successful,” Reverend Edmund Odoom said to his congregation at Meduma, Kumasi.

To him, it did not matter if people had something doing already, stressing that God blesses the efforts of men who believe in him.

The former Light FM presenter’s sermon was picked fron Psalm 37:23  which says “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.”

“Don’t say you need a container (shop) before you can start selling, when you start with something small that can translate into something different,” he said as he urged the church members to pursue their goals with hard work.

“Apart from that, walk with people who are wiser than you. Walk with people who are more experienced than you are so you can learn from their ways.”

Advising the jobless youth, Reverend Odoom stated that they should dress decently and be hard working.

“You can’t be looking for a job and dress anyhow, exposing your parts that should always be covered,” she told the females.

To the men, he said “Don’t keep bushy beard and be looking horrible. Dress decently because potential employers can dash you a job by how you dress.”

Although he prophesied that the year will not end without bad news such as accidents, plane crash and the death of some prominent political figures in the country, he however prayed to avert them and said if Christians remain prayerful and allow Jesus to direct their steps they will not be part of the bad news and an outbreak of epidemics which are imminent.

“These things are bound to happen in 2019, but prayers will avert them so we as children of God should keep praying to keep safe,” he disclosed.


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