3000 Miss SHS Admission Over Examination Malpractice

Over 3,000 students whose results were withheld by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), have missed admissions into Senior High Schools this year.

WAEC went ahead to cancel their results after it found that the students were guilty of examination malpractice.  The examining body withheld the results of 1,298 candidates pending further investigations of possible malpractices including cheating in the objective test section of the examination by the Item Differentia Profile (IDP) software.

The Public Relations Officer of WAEC, Agnes Teye Cudjoe speaking to Head of XYZ News, Eric Ahianyo said: “With regards to the withheld results we have taken action on some of them, some have had their subject results because their schools have responded. We have written to some schools for the subjects and we are yet to receive from the schools on some irregularities suspected. This is in regard to the core subjects. So if it is a withheld results for a core subject, that candidate may not be placed if the school does not give response. On our part, we have concluded most of the cases and most of them will have their results cancelled anyway. Our investigations are conclusive but we need the response to finish up our documentations.”