Odorgonno SHS Parents Praise Govt For Relief

Some parents who accompanied their children to register them at the Odorgonno Senior High School, have expressed their joy over the Free SHS policy, saying its a very welcoming relief to them.

“It is a great thing that this Government is doing for us Ghanaians; We need the support of all Ghanaians to make this policy a reality; It’s about the Ghanaian child not about the politician”, That’s according to Maxwell Chiri, who accompanied his nephew to the school.

“This government has a great vision for the young ones in Ghana and so, we, as parents, need to support him to make this a reality.”

Mr. Chiri also appealed especially, to politicians, to look at the merits of the policy and help make it work.

Another parent, Prudence Woode, also thanked the Government for implementing the policy that would go a long way to help reduce the financial burden of parents.

However, some students who had their names on the School placement list of the Ghana Education Service to enroll in the School unfortunately, could not find their names on the School’s main list when they reported on Monday morning.

The school authorities have, therefore, asked them to return the next day to check on their names and do the possible registration.

Some of the parents of the affected students who expressed disappointment over the situation in an interview with the GNA, however, were optimistic that once their children’s names had been captured on the placement list they were sure of possible admission by all means.

A few others, however, were not too sure of their predicament and what awaited their children as they had been asked to report at the School the next day.

“This is not fair at all, how are we sure that we will find our names here tomorrow, they will ask us to come tomorrow, and then when we come they will ask us to come the next day,” one elderly woman who accompanied her grand-child remarked.

An official of the School, who spoke with the GNA on anonymity, said the registration of the total number of students being admitted was more than 800, and the situation was overwhelming but the situation was under control.

He explained that the internet facility at the school had been slow so all the names on the placement list could not be printed out by the 11th of September, the day when the students were asked to report at the school.

Meanwhile, when the GNA got to the School by 0900 hours, it noticed that the compound was full to capacity with both prospective students and their guardians moving up and down looking for where to get information on what to do.

Some guardians said they arrived at the school with their wards at 0300 hours, while others got there at 0500 hours and still some got there after 0900 hours.

According to them, they decided to arrive early to get served on time.

However, they were being delayed because the numbering they were given were not being followed as each had to move around to look for a particular desk to register their wards.

Also some students who applied to be in boarding had been grouped and were being vetted by the Senior House Master of the School, who said, the boarders were being selected based on their areas of residence due to inadequate boarding facilities.

The day students who found their names on the School list were also seen going through the registration processes at one side.