President Akufo-Addo Inaugurates Free SHS

President Akufo Addo officially inaugurates the free SHS programme today meanwhile demanding full disclosure of details and an end to threats against school heads who expose lapses envisaged

The event, which is taking place at the West Africa Senior High School in Accra, is expected to be very colourful especially because it’s the first flagship policy being rolled out by the new government in fulfillment of promises made during the 2016 elections.

So far government has set aside 400 million cedis for the programme but critics are skeptical about the sustainability of the programme.

Public interest is high about what will be outlined as an implementation plan and how the initiative will be funded.

An earlier proposal to tap into the Heritage Fund created a huge public outcry compelling government to drop that idea. The Institute of Economic Affairs is also recommending a one percent increase in VAT solely for the funding of the initiative.Meanwhile admissions are in progress and most academic work for most schools are expected to begin by Wednesda

Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Education Service, Jonathan Bettey has ässured: “we want to assure everybody that no matter the challenges they are facing with placement will be addressed. We want to ensure the public that no child will be left behind.


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