‘Fasting And Prayers Alone Don’t Develop A Country’ – Dr Biney

Renowned motivation speaker, Dr Emmanuel Kuuku Biney, is advocating for pastors who head churches in the country to challenge the status quo and not rely on biblical teachings alone to develop their followers.

He said it was time heads of churches in Ghana changed from their old ways of doing things and explore new ways of developing their congregrants  to be useful to the world through diverse ways other than the teachings of the Bible only.

To him, the Bible should be preached to the people coupled with other academic principles which will broaden the knowledge of the church members in their career fields.

“Sometimes, when you discern, the church needs to be educated on  finance [but] the pastor will come and quote Genesis and Revelation and he doesn’t  know a business plan…there is somebody in the church who has that competence –let him speak to the people. It is knowledge. . .Please let the one who is an expert in that area come and deliver,” said Dr Biney.

He was speaking on the Morning Xpress on Friday on how the church and the state can develop people to be independent and work towards nation building.

In his advice, the media consultant observed that knowledge and skill acquisition is very critical in the lives of religious people hence the church should integrate them into their teachings.

While advising pastors to consider getting resource persons to handle certain issues that will guide their followers, he stated that when the church lacks knowledge on a particular field, the services of experts should be sought to help develop the members of the church who can also use their knowledge to develop their home country.

Arguing that the successes of Christians do not lie in church activities alone, he posited that: “Let the church learn that it’s not only prayer and fasting. It is the truth that you know is what sets you free.”


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/Morning Xpress