Focused Customer Management: The Key to Business Success – Mawuli Ocloo

Sales and Customer Experience Management expert, Mawuli Ocloo, has said a consistent focus on effective customer management strategies is the surest way through which companies can achieve their revenue targets.

He said most businesses that manage their clients in a “business as usual” manner always turn out to face dwindling sales. This, he attributed, to the care that is not given to customers.

Mr. Ocloo, who is an accomplished Expert in the art and science of Customer Management made this assertion on Wednesday when he took his turn on the Big Interview on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ 93.1MHZ, hosted by Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe.

Explaining how business owners can increase their profits in the 21st century, Mr. Ocloo revealed that it is very critical for managers to be clear on how customers should be handled to their comparative advantage.

He said “It (customer care) is systemic. If you do not have it as a culture, forget it…Every organization must have a clearly defined way of doing business…individual businesses that have been successful in growing their customer base have been deliberate about it. It doesn’t happen like manna dropping from Heaven.”

He indicated that over the years that he has been researching and consulting for firms on how to grow with trustworthy customers, he had come to the conclusion that most companies that struggle with sales were those who did not diligently follow the simple practical principles of customer management.

He therefore advised companies to be “deliberate” and have a clear “charter” on adopting systems that will ensure that customers are well attended to in a bid to establish a good relationship that would keep customers hooked for a “lifetime” .

To him, deliberately outlining to employees how to deal with clients is one of the ways companies can ensure that the customer care culture is firmly entrenched in the DNA of employees.

To business owners, he said once they come out with how their customers should be managed (charter), set guidelines need be “enforced” and continuously measured for good results. He likened the customer experience to how one attends to visitors at home, asserting that the way one handles visitors at home is indicative of how one would handle customers at their offices or sales outlets.

“If you don’t have a way of measuring it, forget it. You need to inspect what you have asked people to do,” he advised business owners and asked them to adhere to those “techniques” for success.

He also reminded sales attendants, managers and supervisors to be friendly at all times and to take note that honesty maximizes the returns of businesses.


Story by: Henryson Okrah/