11-Member Committee Constituted To Investigate Gas Explosion In Takoradi That Injure Over 150 People

An eleven member committee has been tasked to investigate the cause of the latest gas explosion that injured over 150 people in Takoradi.

The Committee which was inaugurated at the Regional Minister’s residence yesterday, is Chaired by former MP for Takoradi, Eugenia Kusi.

XYZ News has learnt  that a total of 152 victims have been recorded in the 3 health facilities; Effia Nkwanta Hospital, GPHA hospital and Takoradi Hospital.

Effia Nkwanta regional Hospital received 84 victims and 69 had been discharged as of noon yesterday. 15 are still on admission. The GPHA Hospital also received 28 patients of which 15 were staff of GHUMCO. Of these 8 have been discharged and 20 are still on admission. Of the 40 patients sent to the Takoradi Hospital, 26 have been discharged.

Four victims are expected to be referred to the 37 Military hospital in Accra.

Last night two ambulances from the Ghana Air Force and the Sycamore Medical Center arrived at the Takoradi Hospital to transport the referred victims.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/93.1MHz