Bad Roads To LEKMA Hospital Affecting Health Delivery

The dilapidated nature of roads that lead to the LEKMA Hospital at Teshie in the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipality in Accra, has negatively affected the quality of health care being delivered in the area, XYZ News can confirm.

The road is in such a deplorable condition that it is increasingly becoming difficult for commuters and motorists to use it to access healthcare at the Referral Hospital, which should be saving thousands of lives in the municipality.

XYZ News’ Edem Agbana who visited the area on Monday revealed that the road leading to the Health facility had developed large potholes that affect the smooth movement of vehicles that ply the stretch.

He also said the work to rehabilitate the road, which started some years ago, had stalled and the contractor had left the site, leaving sick people who use the road to their fate.

In an interview with XYZ News, some residents who reside at the Nungua, Teshie and the LEKMA Hospital environs expressed worry over how the roads had been abandoned for many years.
One driver told Edem, majority of women in labour often give birth in taxis before they reach the facility. He could also not fathom why a road leading to a well resourced Hospital will be abandoned to that extend.

“This hospital is for government so why are they not doing anything about it?.  Why are they waiting?  I have been here for five years and they have done nothing about the road.All we need is for the road to be fixed….  If you carry a woman who is in Labour you’ll have to slow down and if care is not taken, they’ll deliver  in the car,” he said.


In an interview with some of the workers at the Hospital who spoke under condition of anonymity, revealed the terrible roads have negatively affected their work such that patients particularly pregnant women have had their conditions always worsened before they get to the hospital.

“It has become so unmotorable. Those in the community can’t use it.  Our patients and staff find it difficult coming here. Ambulances are not able to speed up the way they are supposed to in order to save lives. Who ever is in charge should start working on it…..we don’t care whoever has embezzled funds,” one of them lamented.

On the part of a Senior Management member who has been working there for almost six years, aside respiratory cases that are soaring at the hospital because of the dust on the road,lives are lost regularly contrary to the reason for which the facility was established.

“We normally have referral cases and because the road is in a deplorable state it sometimes cause abortions, accidents and even deaths. We spend about 45 minutes instead of 10 minutes. People deliver in taxis before they get here.

We are appealing to government to fix the roads.”

Appealing to government to fix the “dangerous” roads, he said “the earlier they fix it the better for a proper health delivery.”

The Assembly

Although there has not been an official response to the calls of the residents to fix the roads,the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) is placing premium on developing the roads and drainage system in the municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) at LEKMA, Mrs Evelyn Twum-Gyamrah, at a Town Hall Meeting in September this year, told journalists although the municipality was confronted with many challenges, the Assembly was to focus on developing the road networks when the $1 million scheduled to be disbursed to the various constituencies by government is done.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, Mrs Twum-Gyamrah disclosed that: “a  delegation went round to ask the people in the municipality what they want to be done with the money and most of them said the road networks were bad, therefore, the money should be used to develop the roads and drains, followed by education and health.”