First Batch of Hajj Pilgrim Arrive Tonight

The first batch of this year’s pilgrim is expected to touch down tonight. The flight coming from Saudi Arabia will land at Tamale Airport in the Northern Region exactly where it took off some weeks ago.

Director of Communications of the Hajj Board Alhaji Alhassan Gonda, told XYZ News, the pilgrims will be met by the Northern Regional Minister on arrival. He added that though they encountered much challenge during the pilgrimage, they were able to bring them under control.

“It is a spiritual journey which is not easy. It is important that you abide by the tenets of the religion so you derive maximum benefits from the spiritual exercise. We will be able to do a total assessment after the arrival of the last pilgrim from Saudi Arabia”, he noted.

Over 6,000 pilgrims left Ghana for Mecca this year for the annual pilgrimage. Three of the pilgrims, a male and two females died during the spiritual journey but their death was said to be of natural causes.