Fuel Tanker Overturns On Tema Motorway, Scares Motorists

There was an interference of order on the Tema motorway this morning when a fuel tanker with registration number GN 1235-12, headed for Accra skidded off the road into the median at the Sidalco junction.

When XYZ News reporter Wisdom Hededzorme got to the scene at 09:15GMT, fears of a possible explosion had sent motorists scrambling for space to veer off the area. But for the timely intervention of the Ghana National Fire Service, the situation could have been worse similar to what happened at the Atomic junction in October this year.

An eyewitness told XYZ News he believed the tanker driver lost control while the vehicle was moving at top speed while traffic was building up.

Though the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service has not yet confirmed the cause of the accident but according to eyewitnesses, the driver of the vehicle abandoned the vehicle in pursuit of the driver who caused his derailment. The entire area was cordoned off immediately and onlookers had to stay at a safe distance as the firefighters secured the scene.

The Tema Regional Operations Officer, DO2 Mr. Samuel Obodartey, told XYZ News that they had ensured that there was no fuel leakage in the area.

He explained that they had diverted the traffic on the road and the battery had been removed from the vehicle to take away all sources of power. The threat had been nuetralized and they only thing left to do at that time was to have a towing vehicle there to tow it to a safe place. “There is no problem at all,” he assured.

Vehicular movement on the motorway has since returned to normalcy.