Patriotism Dwindling In Ghana – Agbenyo

A Deputy National Communications Director for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is calling on authorities to instill the spirit of patriotism in Ghanaians– especially in the young ones – to foster national development.

Fred Agbenyo made the call in an interview on the Morning  Xpress on Thursday, February 15, 2018 when he bemoaned the lack of the spirit of nationalism among Ghanaians.

To him, patriotism is dwindling  because adults are not instilling it in the young ones thereby “increasing wrongdoings in the society” and suppressing development in the country.

Mr Agbenyo said the corrupt attitude of many state officials is also to be  blamed for the lack of love for the country among the youth, because they [officials] depict wanton disrespect for the laws of the land.

He said majority of government officials, among other things, flout traffic regulations and the youth follow with the perception that it is a normal trend. Mr Agbenyo therefore noted there should be a re-orientation for Ghanaians to owe allegiance to the country and hold her in high esteem, while parents help imbibe the sense of nationalism in their wards through responsible parenting.

He said the many bad roads in the country that were not constructed well is as a result of the lack of national love and responsibility. Engineers who should supervise construction, he said, “are always in their offices” and do not supervise the work so after six months “it rains and the road is destroyed.”

Proffering solutions to the sad development, the communicator said:“I think that we seriously need to look at it. . . I’m saying that we should go back to our homes. Our upbringing, our parents, the way we are brought up. Its as is nobody owns the country. Nobody sees the country as his and so nobody wants to contribute to build the country. It seems the country belongs to some people and they are milking it.”

He also entreated state institutions like the National Commission for Civic Education [NCCE] to rise up to the challenge and revive their education sessions for school kids and communities to know what the state requires of them in quest of nation building.

Source: Ghana/ Okrah