The Special Prosecutor’s Bill Finally Passed; Vital Parts Ignored!

“Parliament did not address all the major issues we put out there in the passage of the Special Prosecutor bill, but all the same we are happy with what we have.” A statement passed by the Executive Director of The Ghana Integrity Initiative, Mrs. Linda Ofori.

In a conversation on the Morning Xpress, she explained that they were not able to get parliament to consider their proposal of having a more transparent, and a competitive way of appointing the special prosecutor and the deputy.

“We were seeking and hoping that parliament would advertise the position of the special prosecutor, and it should be made known locally and internationally. Then we have an ad hoc committee made up of people from the judiciary, public service, civil society, media and everyone that has a key role to play, to interview the people who would apply for the job. After that 2 or three nominees would be presented to the attorney general who would later make a selection and present the person to parliament. After parliament the president would then give the approval that we would need,” she commented.

Mrs. Ofori later added that the staright forward process where attorney general would select some people and present to the parliament for them to their usual “yes! Yes! Yes!” and later having the president giving his final approval, is not something they were looking forward to.

She exclaimed, “We haven’t effectively been able to prosecute political corruption and high level corruption because the Attorney General would have to do the job of prosecution his or her own peers! If you want someone who is very much independent from government then the approach we were proposing would have been appropriate one to consider. This would give us more confidence in the person that has been appointed to do the job independently with transparency.”

“At the end of the day you don’t get all that you need. The little we have we would still follow through and monitor the process,” she added.

In conclusion she noted that we do need an office whose whole business would be to prosecute corruption. The special prosecutor and his office is one they are looking forward to, for the achievement of this purpose and they would monitor its activities very closely.


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