Ghana @61: ‘We’re Not Any Different From Colonial Days’ – Dr Brenya

A renowned political historian believes Ghana is not that different from her days when she was colonized by whites.

Dr Edward Brenya, a lecturer at the History and Political Studies Department at the Kwame Nkrumah university of Science and Technology posited that the manner at which things are done in the country depicts that Ghana is not independent.

Dr. Brenya was speaking to Noble Crosby Annan on the Morning Xpress on Independence Day in relation to whether Ghana is free or not.

Dr. Brenya said during the pre-independence fight, citizens were made to believe that the country will enjoy freedom “economically, socially, politically” and be able to control her own affairs but “currently we have a government that cannot employ its own citizens . . .because there is an IMF agreement that says that we shouldn’t employ our own people.”

“So, then, you ask yourself how different is that from the days when we were in the colonial [era] when people outside had to dictate the policies that affected our lives?” he quizzed.

Though there are is a president who is elected by Ghanaians and same applies to Members of Parliament, Dr. Brenya believes that in terms of socio-economic freedom and conditions, Ghana is not “really independent in that way.”

He said if Ghana is really independent, the President of the Republic, Nana Akufo-Addo would not lead a “Ghana Beyond Aid” campaign to free itself from external manipulations on the country that comes with aides and grants.

He said although Ghana has oil, the proceeds that the country benefit from is not enough because the country is still under the control of some external forces.

While making his point on how to utilize the natural resources in the country to the advantage of the citizens, he said:  “We know very well that even when we’re  talking about petroleum, Ghana does not have 100% control over the proceeds of petroleum. Recently, the Vice president went to China and talked about bauxite, a large deposit of bauxite that we can extract to change things in Ghana, but you know very well that even when those people come in and they are extracting, the proceeds, it’s not 100% that come to us, so where exactly are we targeting when we talk of ‘Ghana beyond aid’?”

He said the tax net of the country is not well captured thereby putting pressure on some few citizens in the formal sector due to over taxing. This, he said, needs to change so the country can develop with the resources it is endowed with.

The lecturer further urged Ghanaians to change their attitude and  also support the call for good governance and accountability from the country’s leaders to make way for the progress that can make Ghana entirely free from external influence.

“We celebrate corruption, we celebrate people who go into politics to make money. That attitude needs to change,” he advised.


Source: Ghana/ Xpress