Nana Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo owner of Kama Group of companies now known as Mikaddo Holdings in a statement said, “Ghanaians don’t appreciate arts and talents and that’s why most of artistes are poor” during an exclusive interview on the MorningXpress as part of the XYZ Broadcasting Limited’s initiative to bring 24 speakers for the month of october to speak on the theme “Creating and Growing Wealth in Integrity”.

He marked the launch of what seems to be a month full of revealing, thought provoking, motivational and mind searching moments of the XYZ Money and Investment Month. He stated that talents pay unimaginably, and very soon the talented ones would be making it in Ghana.

“Ghanaians use more of the left imaginative brain than the right” he added. The right part of the brain is the part responsible for imagination and the ability to create arts and Ghanaian tend to use the left part more he explained.


According to him, a lecturer tried to suppressed him and tried to destroy his ambition to be a pharmacist by virtue of his name and also failed him severally but he didn’t allow that to happen. he pushed through.

Most Ghanaian see the arts and crafts of our artiste on the streets but would not follow through to patronize them. We would buy artworks worth $ 1000 from overseas but if a local painter was to charge a GHS 1000 for his artwork it would be considered outrageous.

In connection to the theme he stated that “We need to develop means of making money and that is creating wealth”.

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