Google Will Remind You Of Links You Last Visited Next Time You Search

Google is making it a lot easier to refer back to links you’ve clicked in previous searches.

The search engine announced on Wednesday that it’s rolling out a new activity card feature that provides users with links they’ve already visited when referring back to a search query.

Users logged into their Google accounts will be presented with a “Your related activity” prompt at the top of the search results page when they look up previously-searched queries. Clicking on that opens up an activity card with a list of links. Google is promoting the feature as an opportunity to pick up where you left off in search.

Let’s say, for example, a user was searching for chicken teriyaki recipes and found one that turned out to be quite delicious. Unfortunately, the next time this amateur chef has a hankering for poultry, they realize that they forgot to save the link. If they attempt to retrace their steps in search, Google’s new activity card will suggest that recipe link along with any other links they clicked in their previous recipe search. Google will also provide similar, related searches in case the user decides to continue their prior exploration for new recipes.

The company is also providing users with a Pinterest-like “collections” option to save previously-visited links for later. Users won’t have to retrace their steps in search with collections, as these links will be saved to a repository of links that can be easily referred to.

Google first announced the activity cards feature at it’s 20th anniversary event in September. It’s now officially rolling this new feature out today on Google’s mobile website and its official English app in the U.S.

Source: Mashable