GUTA and Nigerian Traders Clash

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) is threatening to instruct its members to cease filing tax returns from October 31, if government fails to stop foreigners from engaging in petty trading, which is solely the reserve of Ghanaians.

GUTA had, in the past, raised numerous concerns about the influx of foreign businesses, owned particularly by Nigerians and Chinese onto the retail market.

General Secretary of GUTA, Alpha Shaban, told XYZ NEWS, the development is negatively impacting on their operations.

Mr. Shaban maintained that the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) Act 108, bars foreigners from engaging in the retail business, government should not face any difficulty in enforcing that law.

“There was a meeting in Kumasi and this Nigerians started making noise, this is to show the extent to which Ghanaians are boiling. If this is this Ghana is a sovereign state, we are not against integration but ECOWAS is not fully integrated. We will not allow any country to force us to bend our laws because as of now most of our people are feeling the heat of the inactions. If nothing is done to salvage the situation, in the end, we will have to take our destiny into our own hands because Ghana is a sovereign country. Laws must be implemented, the foreigners must also obey our laws so we can co-exist peacefully.”

The local Chairman of the Nigerian Traders in the Ashanti region, Victor Anene, said the attack on their business is disturbing.

He said: “If we are under ECOWAS umbrella, and we do everything right, I don’t think we should be stopped from operating. I am asking government to call them to order if not it will not augur well with us. We are creating jobs because we are not allowed to employ less than 10 people.”

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