I Am Still A Feminist – Gifty Anti

Feminism is gradually being misinterpreted for chauvinism or anti-marriage, anti-humility, anti-anything that brings or appears to give men some credit. So when one speaks of feminism, many are filled with disgust and are quick to attack others.

Feminism, according to the dictionary, is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes, and chauvinism is the excessive or prejudiced support for one’s own cause, group, or sex.

It is sad that so called ‘feminists’ were disappointed Gifty Anti got married. There is also news trending that feminists are claiming to be disappointed in her for kneeling before her husband, which is actually untrue in the first place.

Gifty Anti responded to the news on her Facebook page:

“Well it seems the word FEMINISM and the coming up of young ladies joining the movement is scaring some people.

It was my birthday, 23rd January, 2017, and my husband gave me a stool. I was so excited and honored. He put me on the stool and I hugged him.

But well according to some bloggers, I was kneeling before my husband and so some feminists are ‘heartbroken’. Lord have mercy

And by the way what if I was kneeling before my husband (who is also a chief)?Does it make me less of a feminist?”

And the funny thing is I have also noticed that there are some people trying to use me to shade Lydia Forson. Well, first of all Lydia is my baby sister and knows about my journey.

I married at age 45, and before I married, I was also called all sorts of names and mocked that I am a loud mouth feminists because I am single and old and can’t get a man to marry me. There were even those who said I was encouraging young women not to marry and that I was making being single glamorous. When I married, it was said I can’t have a child and now that I have a child…. well, there are some who say I didn’t give birth to her myself and others who say I am boasting too much.

My dear lady, my dear feminist, be you. We all have our different approach towards achieving the same goal. The haters will hate on you even if God speaks loudly from heaven to say He is proud of you.

Lydia, I know you are a strong woman and nothing shakes you. Continue to be you and you know I’ve got your back. They said same about me just some few months ago.”