IDEG Calls For Political Party Participation In Local Governance

Executive Director of IDEG Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey is calling for the establishment of the proposal made by the constitutional review Committee to allow political parties to fully participate in local governance.

Emmanuel Akwetey says there is the need for the two main political parties,NPP and NDC to have a common direction in driving the nation in implementing their long term   policies for the country.

He was speaking at a seminar organized by IDEG on Transformational local governance reforms and implications under the theme:”Transformational local governance reforms and implications.A seminar on developmental political parties.”towards multi -party chief executives and assemblies: how prepared and ready are the parties to participate in the local Governance.”


Executive Director of IDEG Dr. Emmanuel Akweitey also proposed mechanisms in addressing what he describes as developmental governance weaknesses.

“The strength of our institutions are going down. We think if we don’t stop this problem people will lose confidence in the system. From all the analysis we’ve made, we have prohibited the parties from participating in local governance. We should recognise the development potential of parties and create conditions for them to get into development. There will be competition but it is a good thing because the parties will work together at the district levels. We’ve looked at the system, and it works. We are bringing a system that will put the needs of the people at the heart of our democratic governance.”

Meanwhile, former Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo has stated in order for policies to flow from each level there is the need to get people who buy into both the policy and the program. He however indicated the NDC’s preparedness to accept the proposal made by IDEG.

“We also look at the functioning of the assemblies. Our decentralization process in Ghana has three tiers. We are looking at the concentrated functions which ties in with the policy flowing from the top to the bottom. We need to get people who buy into the program so that we have the buy-in of the people to ensure the smooth implementation of policies. We hope to see whether the NDC will buy into the idea.”