The Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Aaron Ocquaye, has replied the Minority in the House over their allegations that he is bias towards them.

His assertions follow a sit down protest in Parliament on Wednesday by the Minority after the Speaker reportedly snubbed Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu.

They refrained from taking part in discussions on the floor. According to them, they consider the speaker of being bias and treats their side unfairly.

However, on Thursday, Prof Ocquaye told the House that he was only going by the strict one-hour rule which was adopted by the previous Parliament, citing Order 69 of the Standing Orders of Parliament to buttress his argument.

“Order 69 of the Standing Orders of Parliament does not exclude the decision of this House which you know very well that is the same policy procedure which the immediate past Parliament approved and which was adopted by the House and it applies across the board,” he said while defending himself.

He advocated for the leadership from both sides to take steps and work on how to prevent any further accusations against him in the House.

“. . If you want us to think of something else, leaders, please the next time we meet you may put your heads together and come to a conclusion that it is most improper to come to the House when we all agreed on matters of procedure and give the impression that somebody is being discriminated against. That is not so”, he added.

Prof Ocquaye said anybody who was in the past Parliament knows there is an hour for questions when such discussions come up in the House, saying: “In fact, that is not what I started but it was so adopted so if you think otherwise, you may advise your leaders.”

In February this year, the Minority staged a similar protest over an alleged bias against them by Prof. Mike ocquaye when their leader, Haruna Iddrisu was ignored while he wanted to ask a question on the floor.

But the Minority have hinted of starting an impeachment process against Prof. Ocquaye.

In an interview with power FM news, the MP for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa noted that the Minority had resolved to impeach the Speaker.

“He has been doing that to us. . .The last time, we protested over a similar snub,” he said.

When the host of the news programme, Oheneba Boamah, asked if their number will favour the impeachment process, the former Deputy Minister noted that under the fourth Republic, there has not been any such protest against a Speaker so if they initiate the impeachment process, it will showcase him as a biased Speaker.

“Even if we don’t succeed, our purpose would be achieved,” he added.


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