‘I’m Passionate About Job Creation In Zongos To Reduce Violence’ – Dr Hamid

Inner Cities and Zongo Development Minister, Dr Mustapha Hamid has reiterated his commitment to creating job opportunities in the Zongo communities across the country to foster peace and nation building.

The Minister who was speaking to Kaakyire Kwesi Appea-Apraku on Power FM’s Dwaboase on Thursday, indicated that “it is only education and jobs that will stop the violence” in Muslim dominated communities, emphasizing that the vision of the President, Nana Akufo-Addo to develop human capital as a tool for national development will materialize as he superintends over the Zongos.

His assertions comes after a question was posed to him on how to reduce the violence and petty crimes that seem to be on the ascendancy in recent times in Zongos.

“…Diseases petty fights, ignorance are all products of poverty,” he said. “These can also be attributed to the inadequate of job opportunities in the country… Opportunities will soon be provided in all the inner cities and Zongo communities and that may limit violence and rioting…See,me, a Zongo boy that has worked hard, learned hard and now a Minister… I can take care of my family. That’s the same vision I have for my people in the inner cities and Zongos…Because I’m fully employed, I won’t follow people to cause commotion in my community. It won’t happen because I’m busy working,” said the Islamic scholar.

Firming his vision to create job opportunities for the youth, Dr Hamid said “I’m passionate on training, educating and developing the youth as a minister.”

“… I want to focus on these in the Inner Cities and Zongo communities. I want to take the children back to school for our good and we can achieve all these. I believe in the next 10years we would see a more refined Zongo.”

“Last time I went to Chokor and was advising the boys not to be sitting down and think their destinies will change for the better. I told them that we as a government, our business is to provide the opportunities for them to exercise their talents. No government will hand monies to people on daily basis,” he added.

He also added that he has received many requests to transform schools in the inner cities to make them friendly for teaching and learning so the students can get back to school and learn.

Apart from education, he said government has plans to train the youth, especially the young women to learn how to trade and prepare local delicacies foods like koose, waakye, sobolo, adding that seed capital will be given persons who will successfully go through the said training to be able to establish their own businesses.


Source: mypowerfmonline.com