Impact Series: “The Power of Goals” – Ato Sarpong

Ato Sarpong is a former Deputy Communications Minister

As part of a transformational series on Radio XYZ 93.1 MHz, the “Power of Goals” took flight as listeners experienced their first bite of being transformed and how to “Impact Others” on the Morning Xpress show.

The Former Deputy Communication Minister who has worked in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector for close to two decades, serving as managing director of Africa Online, an Internet service provider company. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of KNET Limited an IT engineering Firm. He was in the person of Edward Ato Sarpong and he shared from his vast knowledge and experience, how to be transformed to impact others by understanding the “Power of Goals” as he took his seat as a guest on the show.

Ato Sarpong with Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe (Host)

“Why are some people happy and others sad? Why are some people seeing growth in their lives and others not?” He asked.

Ato Sarpong drew familiar examples from his home, where our daily activities represent a significant part of our lives. He drew symbolism from the fact that to be able to take a shower we need to be naked, and what then is the essence of life?

“What you spend your time doing influences how your life is. Most people spend most of their time either repairing their past or preparing their future. A few of them are harvesting their present”-Ato Sarpong

Understanding the Power of Goals as he explained is like understanding the fact that “In every home or every destination we want to get to, there is always a door. Do we understand the power of that door?” If we do, then we are one step closer to understanding our goals.

The Transformational Series is set to be a 4-day interaction conversation which would be climaxed on Thursday, 29th September at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel.

Join in tomorrow [Tuesday March 26, 2018] on the #Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ 93.1MHz as the Ato Sarpong continues to throw more light on understanding the “Power of Goals”

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