Independence Day Celebration Is Beyond getting Pupils To March – Mornah

The National Chairman for the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah is advocating for students across the country to be taught on what Ghana’s struggle for independence means to the ordinary citizen.

According to him, over the years, students have associated the independence of the country with marching on the streets and have “to stand in the scorching sun” instead of being taught and nurtured to contribute their quota to national development.

Mr Mornah was speaking on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ, Wednesday morning on the sidelines of the 61st Independence celebration of Ghana, when he bemoaned the usual ritual of getting students to march and stand under scorching sun to listen to speeches from officials and think that is all what Independence stands for.

“What are we doing to ourselves?” he quizzed and stressed that it will be imperative for authorities to change the old ways of commemorating Ghana’s Independence if the country wants to achieve something meaningful that will inure to the benefit of its inhabitants.

To him, the National Centre for Culture should take it up and instill in students how they can compliment the toil of the country’s forebears and help in shaping the destiny of Ghana, rather than the numerous parades which he termed as needless in preparing the minds of the young ones to tackle the ills of the society.

“I have noticed that, for sometime, they (authorities) have always done a re-enactment of our independence and have indicated some struggles along the line. Could the National Centre for Culture should take it upso that leading to our independence, school pupils will be taken through how the struggle was, how our cocoa, how our timber, how our bauxite, how the colonial government governed us and how it is important for us to dismantle the colonial regime and to have our own regime and then the independence declaration itself. That will imbibe in us that there is a certain commitment to patriotism that nation should come above any other thing.”

In the absence of the suggestions Mr Mornah gave, he stated that Ghana’s  future leaders, the students of today, “will continue to associate Ghana’s independence with marching” on the streets.

Students Collapsing                             

XYZ News has gathered that before midday on Tuesday, while the 61st Independence day was being celebrated at the Black Star Square in Accra, about twenty four (24) pupils had collapsed either out of hunger or thirst.

The Ambulance service had to attend to these pupils, majority of whom were  between the ages of 10 and 16.

Though the incident has been with Ghanaians for quite a long time, The PNC chairman insists that the celebration be altered to help build the minds of the young ones.

Mr Mornah bemoaned the manner at which officials are late to such functions and get students collapsing.

“I thought the late president Mills did a good job for us as a nation. . .He did everything within two hours. . .Yesterday, even security personnel who had been trained for the event collapsed,” Mr mornah told the host, Noble Crosby Annan.


Source: Ghana/ Xpress