Protests Break Out After Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital

Protesters holding placards during near the Prime minister residence in Jerusalem against Trump’s recent anti-refugee and anti-migrant Executive Orders, January 29, 2017. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90


The US has warned Palestinians against cancelling talks with Vice-President Mike Pence, after Washington recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

A senior Palestinian official earlier said Mr Pence would not be welcome.

It would be “counterproductive” to scrap talks between Mr Pence and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas planned later this month, the US said.

Former Shiloh, Israel mayor David Rubin reacts to President Donald Trump’s Wednesday proclamation that the U.S. will officially recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital — a stunning reversal in U.S. policy — and whether he’s concerned about violent reactions from other Middle Eastern countries.

President Donald Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem this week reversed decades of US policy on Jerusalem’s status.

On Thursday, at least 31 Palestinians were wounded in clashes in the Gaza Strip and across the occupied West Bank.