Internet Addiction Affecting Human Relations Negatively

The advent of internet has been very useful in the daily lives of those who have access to it, but it can be dangerous as human to human interaction keeps declining, a Sociologist has observed.

Speaking to Noble Crosby Annan on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ 93.1MHZ Friday, Dr Sampson Obed Yeboah, a lecturer at the University of Ghana indicated that internet has made life more easier through information accessibility and connecting different people around the world but addiction has become a tad more worrying due to its affects on families and colleagues.

According to Dr Yeboah, the addiction of internet among the youth and the working class is ruining human relations at a faster rate and needs to be checked and corrected.

He said a lot of people to spend too much time in front of the computers, on phones and other gadgets so much so that it has become the centre of their lives. To him, that amounts to addiction.

Dr Yeboah said the addiction,very popular in Ghana, has decreased productivity at many work places and has also resulted in fewer interactions with family members.

“Unfortunately, the time for close interactions for our families and friends…has been affected,” he noted and added that Africans are so “communalistic” and prefer to see people when talking to them unlike sending whatsApp messages and emails which keep them away from close relatives.

Dr Yeboah further advised that when one finds out he or she is spending more time on the internet other than working with it, a time should strictly be set aside for replying to mails and social media messages to allow for time for other productive activities.

On his part, Ebo Gyebi, a policy analyst at XYZ Broadcasting maintained that those who spend so much time on the internet should have time for their families and close persons.

Ebo said his fixation with social media and internet, he still prefers to meet his family in Kumasi though “we chat everyday.” He would not trade his family time for internet activities hence advised that people who are obsessed with internet can also set time aside to meet with their relatives.


Source: Ghana/ Xpress