ITLOS Ruling: Experts Call For Enforcement To Secure Maritime Zone

Panelists on GTV’s Current Affairs Programme, ‘Talking Point,’ have called for the enforcement of the ruling of the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea, ITLOS, as a means of securing the maritime zone.

In their view, it is important that Ghana synchronises and coordinates one geographical chart that depicts the coordinates indicated in the court’s ruling.

First, Governance Expert and Lawyer, Dr. Eric Oduro Osae who believes it is essential that as a country, Ghana takes a look at its maritime waters as it goes beyond oil extraction.

In his submission, Lawyer and Lecturer at the Central University College, Yaw Oppong, noted that there is the need for both countries to apply the appropriate technology to maximize the benefits from petroleum extraction and ensure that such activities do not have debilitating effects on the environment.

The Executive Director of the Centre for Maritime Law and Security Africa, Captain Dr. Kamal-Deen Ali said the ruling has implications for the larger region because for the second time, equidistance as a method for delimiting maritime boundaries, has been pronounced for the region.