“It’s Wickedness To Have Children You Can’t Take Care Of”- Kafui Danku

Multiple Award-winning filmmaker, actress, mother author Kafui Danku believes that women have the power control their pregnancies if they do not want to have children. In her view if you choose to give birth and you cant take care of the child that is wickedness.

“I have seen people with children they cant take care of and yet they are having more. I think it’s  wickedness, because women can control when you get pregnant and when you don’t want to get pregnant,” she said.

She said this in an interview with Felix Kweku Vanderpalen on The Cocktail’s “Tete a tete” segment on Radio XYZ which is on every Wednesday at 8pm.

Kafui Danku who recently launched her book “Silence is not golden “ said the book is solely based on her long personal journey to motherhood and issues that came with it.

She also spoke on her latest movie “Any other Monday “which starred herself, Yvonne Nelson, Madam Doris Sacketey and others produced by Pascal Amanfo which tells a story about marriage and challenges that comes with it.

“The secret of marriage is not getting married, is staying married”, she lamented.

Kafui Danku on Friday ( 1st December 2017) took her turn to sit in as host of Radio XYZ on the “Morning Express” breakfast show as the celebration of women during the Women’s week.

Kafui who was glad to be on Neil Armstrong’s seat hosted popular Ghanaian Actress Rama Brew to discuss “Fashion and Health around women.

Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/Dami