Japekrom Omanhene Mad At Police, Jaman Sth DCE

Okatakyie Amoa Aturu Nkonkonkyia II, (Middle), Omanhene of Japekrom

The Omanhene of Japekrom says he is highly disappointed in the manner in which the Jaman South District Chief Executive (DCE), Alhaji Abu and the Police are handling investigations into the killing of two of his subjects by assailants from Drobo, last Wednesday.

Okatakyie Amoa Aturu Nkonkonkyia II, claims none of the two have called on him since the barbaric act though they are aware one of his relatives was a casualty.

The chief who spoke on XYZ Midday News said though no further incident has been recorded, there is still tension because the youth of communities within his traditional area are still very angry.

Though he ruled out reprisal attacks, he said failure to ensure justice may not bring permanent peace. Snipers believed to be Drobos are said to have opened fire first, killing two instantly. This triggered sporadic shooting deep into Wednesday night.


An unspecified number of cars are said to have been burnt, while others had their windscreens smashed in the two towns.

Schools and shops have been closed in the area, and at Drobo, the district capital, most people stay indoors for fear of reprisal attacks.

The police have identified one of those killed as the Mmrantehene (Youth chief) of Japekrom, Wofa Sena Atta, 42, but the other is yet to be identified.

One of the victims, a baby was reportedly hit by stray bullets and is struggling for life as Doctors try to remove pellets from his head.

The Interior Minister has imposed dusk to dawn curfew on the area to prevent further violence. Communities affected include Drobo, Japekrom, Bibianiha, Kwesibuokrom, Mpuasu, Basekrom, Kojokesekrom, and Katakyiekrom all in the Jaman South District.

The Omanhene of Japekrom who spoke to XYZ News editor, Eric Ahianyo noted that so far, the dusk to dawn curfew has helped to contain the situation and hopes those culpable will be found and punished.

“We have over 100 Police and Military personnel patrolling the streets. I will say generally the situation ius under control. No one wished for this. We were celebrating our festival and some barbaric individuals have visited mayhem on harmless people”….he said.

Okatakyie Amoa Aturu Nkonkonkyia II, noted that besides restriction of movement which is an action, no one in the community has cause to complain about, people are concernd about the impact on businesses and other activities that will be affected.

“ We don’t have a problem with the Police. They are the ones who have to protect us. My only disappointment is that the DCE has not even bothered to visit me. He is the one who should put all of us together. Not even the Police. They vehicles pass through the community and no one cares to know my side of the story.” he added.

The Omanhene of Japekrom pledged his readiness to coorperate with all parties to ensure an amicable solution to the age old land dispute.

“Yesterday I heard the MCE held a security council meeting but no one notified me or invited me. I don’t know what they discussed but I can only hope they mean good for all of us” he concluded.

Meanwhile the the Jaman South DCE, Alhaji Abu says his doors are open and he will continue to engage all parties to broker peace.


According to Daily Graphic reports, Japekrom and Drobo have had a long-standing land dispute which had travelled from the High Court through the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court.

Security experts in the region explained that both towns had been giving different interpretations to the ruling of the Apex Court to suit their aspirations and there had been occasional skirmishes between the two feuding towns.

In one of the hostilities between the two towns on April 3, 2018, about 10 unidentified armed men stormed Drobo to destroy a fence, amidst indiscriminate shooting.

The action of the armed men triggered a reaction from some youth of Drobo to fight back.

The irate young men from Drobo, on that occasion, blocked the main street linking the two towns in a bid to arrest the perpetrators who bolted after destroying the wall.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com