KSM: Ghanaians Getting It All Wrong On Religion.

KSM is a Ghanaian actor, director, satirist, talk show host, and author.

Veteran comedian Kwaku Sintim Misa otherwise known as KSM has hit hard on Ghanaians on how they go about religious activities.

“our insane and misapplication of religion is one”, he said as he outlined some of the challenges inhibiting the development of Ghana on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ on Wednesday.

His resentment on how many Ghanaians dabble in religion related activities comes on the back of the death popular Dancehall Diva Ebony Reigns.

The demise of Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng (Ebony) was met with a lot of speculations from self-styled prophets who claim they had prophesied her death. these claims took over media discussions for days.

Many of these ‘men of God’ jumped on media platforms to showcase their prophecies regarding the ghastly accident that killed the songstress while many hailed them.

But KSM, who was speaking on Radio XYZ morning, frowned on those acts and condemned the manner at which some Ghanaians linked the death of Ebony to some religious predictions.

He said many are those who believe in prophecies but do it to the detriment of their career and family.

“Look at the tragedy of Ebony. And now it’s become an issue of prophecy. Prophets are rushing to say ‘I said it first’. Nonsense!” he fumed.

To him, many Ghanaians are still stuck in “primitivity” hence majority paying attention to such assertions in the name of prophecy.

“Have you heard in America that a celebrity has died in America and reverend whatever, or T.D Jakes say ‘we saw it coming?’ No. Why? They are evolved, Chief. It’s only in an unevolved society that where attention is paid to primitivity that prophets rush to claim that they saw that she (Ebony) was gonna to die,” he told Kofi Oppong Asamoah, the host.

The satirist does not believe in prophecy but he, however, would not belittle those who do. He thinks it is being overdone in Ghana because “we are not evolved.” He said it was time the nation changed from such ways because they are time wasting and inhibit progress.

“So I’m saying that among the other things that we are suffering as a nation today is our obsession with this religion thing. It us killing us but we don’t know.

“I’ve been to places where they have all night (service) for those who want job and the pastor will say catch the job. ‘huri na sɔ w’adwuma no’. You don’t get a job by jumping in church. When can Ghanaians understand that you get a job by being an intelligent person who’s ready to contribute. Let’s not make religion tell us that we can make it through short cuts. . .its very, very sad for people like me,” he noted.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/Henryson Okrah