Leading July: Dr C. Groves Tells How Emotional intelligence Makes Authentic Leaders

A psychologist, Author and fitness coach, Dr. Carnita Groves has urged individuals aspiring to be great leaders to make good use of emotional intelligence.

She made the assertion to host of the Morning Xpress, Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe on the topic  “Authentic Leadership, the role of emotional intelligence’’ when she took her turn on the 2nd Edition of the Leading July series on Thursday on radio XYZ 93.1 MHz.

She started by emphasising on empathy as one of the key ingredients of emotional intelligence that makes one an authentic leader. She described it as “being able to put yourself into another person’s shoes.” she added that the concept and practice of empathy overrides personal interest and the temptation for corruption.

“If you put yourself into the shoes of someone who opposes you,you can begin to see why they oppose you,…same as those who admire you,” she asserted.

On self regulation, she said it is the “ability to regulate one’s emotions” stressing that an emotional intelligent person may feel lustful,may be angry or thrilled but “they know how to regulate it well.”

“They can be outraged with you and say to you simply ‘i’m outraged’ without yelling, without breaking a furniture, without damaging your car or physically harming you because they have good emotional regulation.”

Dr Carnita Groves mentioned intuition as one of the elements that makes a person an enviable leader, saying highly intuitive persons are good at sensing “what’s going on with another person in another situation” adding that such people “are able to respond to that sensitivity in a productive, constructive way.”

The psychologist further observed that people who are emotionally intelligent are good at growing themselves.

“These people, you will rarely see them stagnate. They are always growing and learning more…and if you are around them, you see that they’re really getting better…the hallmark  of their life is positive growth and change,”she added.

Urging leaders to be disciplined, Dr Groves, a counselor of over 30 years of experience, pointed out that the elements of emotional intelligence play a very critical role in developing authentic leadership credentials.

She also maintained every authentic leader should be able to develop themselves by adapting to change.

The main theme for this year’s Leading July series is Authentic Leadership. It is broadcast live on Radio XYZ 93.1 MHz at 8:30 am each week day and shown on TV XYZ at 8PM each week day.


Story by: Henryson Okrah/myxyzonline.com/Ghana