‘Media beast’ JKD campaigns for the revival of closed museums

Individuals in a country have a quota to contribute to the development of their country, but exceptional beings go a notch higher to get things fixed the way they should.

It is for that reason a former host of late afternoon drive ‘Fast lane’ on Radio XYZ 93.1, Kojo Daasebre, affectionately called JKD, is embarking on a project to boost the tourism drive of the country.

JKD, after digging deeper into the tourism sector, says a lot of potentials in the sector have been neglected to the detriment of the state, for which reason he is creating the awareness of the shortfalls in the sector.

Bemoaning the closure of some Museums in the country for some time now, JKD who is also called ‘the media beast’, said he would embark on a project called to bring to the attention of authorities how the closure of such an asset is affecting the country’s tourism, creative arts and culture industry.

In an interview with myxyzonline.com, JKD hinted he would, in collaboration with his team, start a project called ‘EDUAPA HALL AND WALK OF FAME’ to make the museums, especially the National Museum, Accra attractive and contribute immensely to the tourism sector.


JKD said the ‘EDUAPA HALL AND WALK OF FAME’ project would expose the younger generation and the youth to the achievements of some Ghanaians who have worked tirelessly and contributed to the creative arts and culture of the country.

In an interview, the leader of the team, Frank Ofori Asante explained that the Walk of fame is a permanent public arena monument set aside for players of the creative arts, their achievements in the arts and entertainment industry.

He said through broader consultation and government collaboration, monuments would be erected at vantage points and at some national museums which would bear names of movie actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, electronic and print media personalities, Sports and Academics who have excelled in their professions.

These monuments would include urban sidewalks or pedestrians walk way in the national capital which will also create an avenue for tourist attraction, according to Mr Asante, the Founder and Executive Director for Eduapa Hall and Walk of Fame Foundation at the launch of the programme at Movenpic Ambassador Hotel, Accra last Friday.

“Its very sad how Ghanaians easily forget our heroes when they retire or die after a successful career. This project will make sure these people are not forgotten,” he added.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com