The Deputy Minority Leader of Parliament, James Klutse Avedzi is passionately appealing to the Business Committee of Parliament to ensure that members receive adequate notice on bills and papers due for presentation to give them ample time to research and scrutinize them to enrich debates on the floor.

The call comes in the wake of criticisms about the quality of deliberations on the floor often limited to a few while others look on unconcerned.

James Klutse Avedzi who spoke on the Breakfast Show Morning Xpress was responding to questions about the resolution among the leadership to ensure proceedings are devoid of extreme partisanship on both sides with less acrimony as witnessed before the House rose two months ago.

Mr Avedzi noted that the Speaker’s mandate cannot be taken away from him but said it is only fair if he appreciates contributions from the Minority side and acknowledges them accordingly.

“Minority might have a good case, but if they still want to vote on the matter before the house despite the points raised they will still use the numbers to win. This has been the challenge for the work of parliament.”

Mr Avedzi Acknowledged that the practice is not limited to the current Parliament but said it has serious ramifications especially to loan agreements and other important bills.

“We are again calling on the executives to do the right thing so that when we resume they bring the work they have for parliament so we can have time and do it thoroughly. Because it a constitutional requirement that the budget has to be submitted at least one month before the end of the year for the house to go through, the ministers actually submit in time. Those that the Ministers have to submit at their own discretion are usually not submitted in time.”

Meanwhile some Members of Parliament are lamenting about the failure to serve them advance notice about the resumption today. XYZ News has learnt MPs were expected to return from recess officially next two weeks so this has come to some of them as a surprise and some are lamenting.

Parliament will be under pressure to pass a number of bills including the much-trumpeted Office of the Special Prosecutors Bill, the Northern Development Authority Bill, Middle Belt Development Authority, and the Coastal Development Authority among others.



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