Minority Visits Victims Of Burnt Tipper Trucks, Threatens Court Action

Operation Vanguard may have succeeded in destroying heavy duty equipment seized or retrieved from galamsey sites without any reaction but they may have been carried away into another terrain which is coming back to haunt them.

This is because the  Minority in Parliament is threatening a court action against government over the recent burning of 14 tipper trucks, an excavator and a motorbike at Dulon in the Kumbungu district of the Northern Region.

The tipper trucks they burnt in an attempt to flush out illegal sand winners has been described as wicked, unlawful and unjustifiable by the Minority.

A five member delegation which included Inusah Fuseini, MP for Tamale Central who is a former Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, MP for Tamale North, Alhasan Suyini, MP for Binduri, Robert KugNam Lem-Baba, MP for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak and  led by Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu  went to  Kumbungu to ascertain the facts behind the torched equipment on Friday, March 8,2018.

The action was first condemned by Chiefs of the area, who accused the Northern Rgional Minister of masterminding it but he has since denied blaming the action on Operation Vanguard.

Some are already questioning how the soldiers found themselves up North to engage in what the Minority members in Parliament have described as “unlawful;.”

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu did not mince words when he met with the tipper truck drivers union at  Kumbungu where he pledged support for the tipper trucks operators.

Condemning the act, he stated: “We know the New Patriotic Party as a property-owning and not a property-destroying party. The rights of the vehicle owners have been disrespected and breached.”

He pushed for a compensation for the victims from government failure of which will result in a legal tussle between them and government.

“The wicked burning of those 14 tipper trucks is excessive and extrajudicial and therefore legally unjustifiable and untenable and we will pursue this matter to its utmost and logical conclusion. Nothing will stop us from asking for adequate compensation for the affected persons as due process was not respected and upheld,” he added.

One of the burnt trucks

In his response, the secretary to the Tamale Tipper Truck Owners Union, Iddrisu Yahaya said the association would only be satisfied if government launches an inquiry into the act and compensate them.

The President of the Association, Yahaya Haruna,. who said the visit of the Members of Parliament has lifted their soul, thanked the Minority for their assurances.

“We want your support to replace the affected vehicles because the union also contributes to the revenue the government makes,” he said.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com