Mobile Money Vendor Killed By Armed Robbers At Asylum Down

A mobile money vendor identified as Prosper has been killed in Asylum Down in Accra Monday night after he encountered three armed robbers.

According to an eyewitness, the armed robbers numbering about three were riding on two motorbikes and brought out their guns demanding he brings out the money he had made for the day which happened to be GHC 150 which he refused.

He later struggled with them but they were able to overpower him and take the bag which contains the sales and left but one returned and shot him making sure he died before he left.

The eyewitness revealed that he would be able to identify the robbers anywhere and on any given day.

Some people who shared their views on the death of the vendor indicated that his background financially was not good and he had to hustle on the streets before finally settling by offering the mobile money services to the area.

Watch the interview below;