My Lecturer Tried To Abort My Dream-Nana Agyekum

Chief Executive Officer of the Kama Group of Companies now Mikado Holdings, Nana Dr. Michael Agyekum , has chastised educational institutions for their inability to nurture dreams of their students.  According to him most teachers and lecturers in the country’s educational system discourage students based on their background.

Speaking at the launch of the Money and Investment Month on the Morning Xpress on Monday, October 2, 2017, Nana Agyekum said most parents have destroyed the talent of their wards due to a perceived mindset of a particular job.

According to him, this trend is worrying, citing his ambition of becoming a pharmacist which he revealed was almost squashed at the University but for his determination.

“A lecturer told me I don’t deserve to be a pharmacist just for the mere reason of my name, Addo Michael from Sushen a village that is not on the map but in a village in Koforidua, then he said I don’t deserve to be a pharmacist but now, I am a fellow of the pharmaceutical society. He almost killed my dream to the extent that he kept failing me so I had to repeat level 300”, he said.

Dr. Agyekum who was speaking on ‘Man power as a key tool for creating and growing wealth’ said parents should make it a conscious effort to nurture the dreams of their wards. He also decried act of African parents who see talents in their wards a nuisance.

“I know parents see talents in their children but they suppress and kill it. At two years the child is playing drums but the parents would be like, Why are you are disturbing me?” he added.

“I know some children who will be drawing on walls, and will be stopped by their parents who then assess the cost of the paint and use that to cane them” he bemoaned.

He encouraged parents to consider the example of legendary Tennis siblings ‘The Williams Sisters’, example in shaping the talents of their wards.

“Serena Williams and Venus Williams, at age four, received a racket from their father and today that pushed them to be the world’s number one. We have to identify and encourage talents” he stressed.

The month of October is set as the money and Investment Month by XYZ Broadcasting Limited.