NABCO Recruits Posting Has Not Been Postponed-Dr Anyars

The National Coordinator for the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) has rubbished claims that instutional posting for the various recruits has been postponed.

Last week, government commissioned about 100,000 recruits under the various modules. They include: Feed Ghana, Heal Ghana, Enterprise Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Educate Ghana, Civic Ghana and Digitize Ghana.

Reports were rife that, government had postponed the posting process of these recruits to a later date yet to determined.

But speaking on “Ete Sen” on Radio XYZ on Monday, October 22, Dr. Anyars explained no such decision has been taken.

Explaining the issues, he said “the module department is directly responsible for posting the recuits. What they have decided and this is a general agreement that recognizing that a lot of these people have not been exposed to the world of work, it would require pre-deployment training. This programme is already a work and learning programme so they decided to prioritize the pre-deployment orientation ahead of the placement which is why the entire month of October we’ve been busy with the Module Implementation Department to decide on the selection and placement as well as get them to do the orientation for the mass of the NABCO trainers so that they have an effective start date from the 1st of November in terms of the work component.

In his view it is the “misunderstanding” of people regarding NABCO that has led to the false reportage explaining that “the programme was always a work and learning programme and so we decide what becomes priority, is it the learning thing or is it the work thing and the module department decided that the orientation was key to the success of their placement within these institutions. Nothing has been postponed.”

Dr. Anyars also rubbished claims by one NABCO trainee who spoke last week on “Ete Sen” that no training has been provided for them. Dr Anyars disclosed raining has been ongoing for the recruits.


Source:Ghana/ Charles Akrofi