No Chieftaincy Dispute With Drobo – Japekrom Traditional Council

The Japekrom Traditional Council has issued a statement debunking assertions in sections of the media that the recent attacks by assailants from Drobo which left two dead is a result of a protracted Chieftaincy dispute. The Council says there is also no land dispute between Japekrom and New Drobo.

A statement issued signed by Barimah Dr. Adjei-henne Aframfo, Chairman of the Festival Planning Committee said; “We have different heritage and different lineages. The Drobo stool is seated at Drobo in the Jaman North District and shares no boundary with Mpuasu-‐Japekrom Stool lands.”

The Council explained that the Drobo Stool went to court claiming ownership of Mpuasu-‐Japekrom Stool lands and the townships of Japekrom and New Drobo (a suburb of Japekrom).

It noted that the case has travelled all the courts and was settled in favour of Mpuasu-‐Japekrom Stool on 19th November 2015 by unanimous decision of the Supreme of Ghana.

The Japekrom Traditional Council’s statement which is the second to be released after the violence that left two dead and more than 14 people injured said many of those who fled during the sporadic shooting on Wednesday night are still hiding.

The statement called on government to expedite action on ongoing investigations to being the perpetrators of what it describes as barbaric action, to book.

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Press Release-Mpuasu-Japekrom TC