NPP Machomen Disrupt Press Conference At Yilo Krobo

A group of machomen believed to be members of the ruling New Patriotic Party on Sunday disrupted a planned press conference by a group calling itself concern Patriots of Yilo Krobo over the appointment of a Municipal Chief Executive for the area.

The musclemen stormed the Nkrukan office of the NPP where the conference was scheduled, compelling the organisers to relocate to a different venue.

The heavily built men subsequently followed up to the new venue but the program had ended.

The group is therefore asking the police to take action and bring the perpetrators to book or they may retaliate.

Meanwhile, the group has expressed their  outright rejection to attempt to impose  a non-Krobo as Municipal Chief Executive for the area.

The group says it will resist any attempt to impose  a “stranger ” on Krobos .

The convener of the group,  Anuonyam Emmanuel, accused  the Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko  and constituency chairman, Twum Barima of lobbying for one Mr. Ben Kupualor , for the position,  side-lining Mr .Francis Dsetse  Apartey, the 2016 parliamentary candidate,  who risked his financial resources to contest on the ticket of NPP .

“If we believe that success favours those who’re in motion, then it would be less than accurate and a betrayal of comradeship to ignore the very people who set forth the motion and one cannot deny the fact that, at the time when the party was invisible in the municipality, when the party could not even pay for the rented office, it took the tenancy of Mr. Francis Djetse Apertey to restore life to the YILO Krobo NPP, Now that things are smooth, they want to impose somebody who does not know our forests to take us to our ancestors”.

According to the group, the constituency chairman and his deputies won  their primaries even though there are not Krobo’s , signifying  that the party embraces all regardless of tribe. However, with the appointment of the MCE,  they cannot allow  a non-indigene to be given the post.  They said the peace of Yilo Krobo and the stability of the party cannot be guaranteed if the appointment of MCE is done contrary to the will of the people .